In 2015, there were 1,153,490 days-away-from-work cases in private industry, state government, and local government. That’s a lot of downtime and lower productivity for you and your employees.

Tight muscles thanks to stress and sitting at a desk for 8+ hours each day can impede blood flow through your body. That means reduced energy and susceptivity to repeated stress injuries (e.g.: carpal tunnel, lower back pain, etc.).

What if you could cut down on those numbers for your company by being proactive?

On-site chair massages is an easy way to keep employees happy and healthy and to keep productivity up. You can save your company time, money, and resources by providing regular employee wellness programs for your staff.


The Hardline Benefits

Over time, we’ve noticed a couple of issues which should be addressed:

  1. Most businesses do not realize how much their investment in employee wellness programs can actually save them, and
  2. Most people don’t realize how massage can benefit their health.


As we worked with chair-massage clients, we began to see the difference massage made in their lives, and we were blown away. We knew table massage creates change, but we could see how regular chair massage makes an impact in work and home lives.

Chair massage fights the circulatory problems related to office life and offers a break your employees can look forward to. It also offers:

  • Increase productivity – A short fifteen minutes of chair massage each week has been proven to lower stress, decrease muscle tension, and renew the mind.
  • Decrease use of sick days – More than half of missed work days are due to stress. Using chair massage to combat stress has proven to be effective against absenteeism.
  • Improvement in morale – Reports show an improved mood and overall well-being after a chair massage session.
  • Lowered cost of health-care – Regular massage can also lessen the need for trips to the doctor for many physical and stress-related issues. In a study involving the effects of corporate massage on healthcare costs, employees with lower back pain who received regular chair massage spent almost ⅓ less on doctor’s visits and medication. And some of the more costly conditions are improved with routine onsite chair massage which reduces your costs as an employer, also.
  • Attraction for new hires – It doesn’t hurt to have a benefit for your employees that other employers aren’t offering. There are many unique ways to draw in top-talent recruits, and regular onsite massages should be at the top of your list.


Incorporating Massage into Your Company’s Routine

On-site massage companies such as Corporate Oasis Massage will work together as a team and with you to lay out the best plan for your company so they can provide the best service to you. If you are in the Greater Cleveland Area and choose to work with us, you have plenty of options to choose from:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits
  • Quarterly rewards programs
  • Infrequent visits for heavy work periods such as end of quarterly reporting or tax season
  • Once-yearly visits such as holiday parties, client appreciation events, and conferences or retreats
  • Thank-you visits to the offices of your best clients

And if you have any particular concept for when or how you want to set up visits, your therapist will be open to ideas.


Getting Started

Cut your downtime. Improve employee morale. Add on-site chair massage to your company’s benefits, and reap the rewards. If you want to know more about how massage can benefit your team, reach out to us here, and we can get you started.

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