Massage has been used as a treatment for thousands of years with evidence dating all the way back to ancient China and Egypt. Unfortunately, there still seem to be many myths surrounding it. Corporate Oasis Massage wants to help clear up some of these massage myths so you can feel safe in the hands of a trained massage therapist.


Massage Myths

Myth #1: Every massage is the same.

There are actually many different types of massage, and each type focuses on different concerns. 

    • Relaxation massage: for the treatment of stress and sore muscles
    • Sports massage: focuses on those with active lifestyles who have overworked muscles and tendons
    • Prenatal: for expecting mothers to relieve pregnancy aches and pains
    • Chair massage: a shorter massage session where the receiver is fully clothed and sits in a special chair

And these aren’t the only four options. Talk to your massage therapist to find a massage technique that works with your specific pain and lifestyle.


Myth #2: A massage just moves muscles around and nothing else.

A massage is so much more than that. In fact, if you feel anything “moving” during your massage therapy session, it’s likely fluids that loosen your joints and make moving easier. When we move these fluids around, it also helps to reduce swelling.

Besides moving fluid around, we also stretch out tight joints, muscles, and soft tissue. This helps to alleviate pain and discomfort as well as increasing circulation to release toxins and boost the healing process.


Myth #3: A massage only provides temporary relief.

While the effects of your first couple of sessions may wear off after a few days, continued massage therapy offers long-term relief.

Our muscles have a “memory,” and when we spend too much time in a tense state, our muscles “learn” it, thinking that it is the new resting state. One of the benefits of regular massage is that it resets that memory. Your therapist will work and manipulate the muscles back to the real resting-state so you can get back to being pain-free. It can also help with chronic conditions such as arthritis.


Myth #4: A good massage should leave you feeling sore.

It’s possible that you may feel sore post-massage, but that’s not necessarily indicative of a good massage. In fact, if you receive massages regularly, you’re less likely to feel sore afterward.


Myth #5: Massage Can Cause a Miscarriage

One of the more common massage myths ties into miscarriage or early labor. However, there is no evidence to link massage to either of these pregnancy issues. In fact, we now know that a massage during pregnancy can help reduce common aches and lower stress hormones.


Massage Myth #6: Don’t Interrupt Your Therapist, Even if It Hurts

There is a difference between pain and discomfort. Some discomfort is perfectly normal, especially during more intense sessions like deep tissue massages. But if what you’re feeling is beyond discomfort, please let your therapist know. That way they can adjust their technique so it doesn’t hurt you while still achieving the goal for the session.


Experiencing Corporate Oasis Massage

A massage therapy session with Corporate Oasis can be a step in helping you move past any myths you may be curious about. We bring our on-site services to you in the Greater Cleveland area for your convenience, and we promise to work with you to create solutions for your specific challenges. We also offer workshops and Lunch-n-Learns so you and your employees can increase your knowledge of wellness at work and at home.

Create a customized wellness consultation with Corporate Oasis Massage today!

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