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Massage is so much more than a feel-good extra. And it is assuredly not a luxury. Massage therapy is a necessity for the way we live and work today.

If your company is looking for ways to save money on benefits yet attract and retain employees, massage is a great place to start. It’s one of the few health appointments that people make sure they keep. It feels great, AND it helps people work better because their pain is lessened or gone, and they can move better. And the stress? What stress?

Regular employer-provided massages at work benefit your company with happier, more productive employees.

Our Lunch-n-Learn services are perfect for small or large groups in meeting rooms, conferences, or retreats:

  • Corporate Offices
  • At work or schools
  • Wellness or Health Fairs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Moms groups
  • Churches, Preschools, or PTAs to help support parents
  • Libraries (if you’re looking for fresh material that your patrons would love to know)
  • Doctor’s offices, hospitals, teen/youth centers, and counselors
  • Groups interested in offering quality programs to their patrons or members

Most topics can be presented for Lunch-n-Learns or in their entirety for 3-hour workshops.



Is Technology Killing Your Hands? — Quick Techniques to Relieve the Pain

We love our computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. But we’re beginning to think they don’t like us. The more often and longer you use these devices, the more and more you begin to feel pain in your thumbs, hands, forearms, neck, and shoulders. Where is all this coming from and why? More importantly, how do you make the pain go away without medications or surgery?

Getting the quick down-low on the why helps you understand the hows of getting rid of the pain for good.

This workshop will teach you some self-massage techniques and other tips for getting rid of the pain you have to prevent worsening symptoms. If the last thing you want is surgery or to be taking a bunch of meds for your pain, join us.

Stress Reduction at Work

Stress from work can leak into our home lives as well as the other way around. Learning to limit and control your anxiety will help you, your family, and your employer by providing a calmer atmosphere to live and work.

Learn some of the health effects stress can have on you and your loved ones. Try some quick and simple techniques that you can do just about anywhere, and choose your favorites to incorporate into your daily routine.

Relieving Stress and Pain – Partner Techniques

Incorporating self-massage techniques into your day will help keep that headache at bay and loosen up muscles so you can type easier. Working with a partner is even more beneficial because you can each relax while someone else is applying the techniques.

While you will not get the full benefits of a massage therapy session with a professional, you can help relax tense muscles and relieve knots. This allows your partner to move better and feel less pain, thus leaving you both less stressed and more productive for the remainder of your day.

Techniques can be performed sitting right at your desk. You can spend as little as a couple of minutes and get some well-deserved relief from pain.



As we know, home stress flows back into the workplace just as much as work stress affects home life. If you’re adding programs to help your employees with pressures at home, we can help with that.

Massaging Your Baby

We all love our babies, but sometimes we need to get away! Unfortunately, many times we can’t get away for a break. A great way to take a break and give your baby a break too is to spend some quality time together. Learning how to massage your baby relaxes not only your baby but you too!

How do I know this? Experience – I have twins. The constant screaming of one and the other wanting to be continuously held was enough to drive me to the library and pull everything off the shelves to help find something, ANYTHING, that would help me calm my babies – I was desperate. What I discovered on those library shelves was a video on infant massage. It changed everything! As I learned how to massage my babies and soothe them, they settled down, and guess what? So did I.

I’d like to spare you my “destroying the library” scenario and instead sit down with you and your baby to show you how to massage your sweet little bundle of joy! Even if you have the perfect baby (bless you), massaging your baby and continuing as they grow up helps bond you even more. So come and learn some simple and calming techniques for you and baby. And, you know, just the joy you get from those precious moments is something else.

You will need to bring a pillow, bath towel, and small blanket. I will provide the baby lotion. Oh, and, don’t forget the baby!

Your Teenager and Massage? Oh, Please!

Yes, really! Are you finding it difficult to communicate with your teenager or pre-teen these days? Help ease your teen through the rough years, with some extra hands for support – your hands.

Between arguments with family, sore necks and backs from heavy workloads at school and jobs, and just the pressure of trying to “fit in” and still “be yourself,” our kids sometimes struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed and lost. You may not believe this, but you – Mom and Dad – can reach them through massage.

At a time in their lives when society says touch is “bad” and parent and child need to pull away from each other for a teen to grow, this is the time that our kids need us more than ever. Massaging your teen is a way to show them that they can still come to you for comfort and reassurance – a safe place to get away from their troubles for a while. But be forewarned: they may even start opening up and talking with you once in a while!

No one needs to remove any clothing to get a great massage that helps them feel better. This mini-workshop will show you massage techniques you can use on your teen as they are sitting at the kitchen table or they sit on the floor, while you sit on the couch (even watching tv if need be). My boys are in their 20’s now and still ask for massages from me.

Learn how to give your teen/pre-teen a neck and back massage that’ll work out some kinks, help them relax, let them think more clearly, and strengthen the bond between you and your son or daughter.

Couples Massage

Always wanted to learn how to massage your sweetie? Tired of killing your fingers? Tired of him killing your back? Then we have a treat for you!

Learn the secrets of giving a great massage! You’ll learn:

  • easy techniques that won’t hurt your hands and fingers
  • the best massage lubricants
  • how to set the scene and have the perfect ambiance
  • how to give a deeper massage without hurting yourself
  • how to give a deeper massage without hurting your partner
  • what pressure to use for relaxation
  • special techniques for specific issues
  • what to do for sore shoulders
  • when massage is appropriate
  • why massage is not just for lovers – how it’s great for all family members

This is not a lecture – this is a hands-on class. You’ll:

  • watch the instructor perform each technique as she explains it
  • try the techniques on your partner
  • get a massage as your partner practices the techniques on you

Who can sign up:

  • couples
  • friends – learn how to help each other with stress and tired shoulders
  • family – learn to work on your older parent, overworked sister, etc
  • great girls night out activity – surprise your love for Valentine’s Day with massage techniques you learned here

**This is NOT a class on sexual or sensual massage.


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