Joe J.

Before meeting Kathleen, I had never received a massage before and wasn’t sure if I would find it beneficial. I’m sure glad I decided just to go and give it a try. I have suffered from carpal tunnel in my wrist from overuse in sports, exercise, and work. It’s amazing that Kathleen has erased my pain with one 15 minute session every other week. I felt immediate relief from my first session and have not had any reoccurring pain since my second session with her. Kathleen’s knowledge and skills have made my experiences completely enjoyable, and I give her the highest recommendation. Hands down, best decision to go to Kathleen.

Diana DiVincenzo

Redwood Living Inc.

The company I am employed by has been so kind as to set up bi-weekly massages for employees and hired Corporate Oasis Massage for this position. We get a 15-minute massage every two weeks, paid for by my employer. This is a fantastic benefit we are provided, and what a stress reliever!

You walk into a soothing environment with soft music playing and sit in a massage chair. It’s very relaxing and comfortable. The therapist is always very nice, considerate, and makes sure you are comfortable. There have been so many times that this has been such a stress reliever for me. I have been experiencing some issues with neck and shoulder pain recently, and this massage has been extremely helpful. The therapist is always considerate of what I might need at any given time. Always friendly and always certain to ask if there are any specific areas I would like to focus on. As I said, we only get 15 minutes, but it is the best 15 minutes I could ask for. Everyone I work with looks forward to this massage and can’t wait until they come again! I have no complaints and only rave reviews to report. I would highly recommend Corporate Oasis Massage to anyone!


Payroll Supervisor

I cannot say enough good things regarding the chair massages that Corporate Oasis Massage has been doing at our company since 2014. Whenever chair massage is scheduled to be here, I drop all that I am doing to make sure that I have a spot for the day she is to arrive.

After my massage, I feel wonderful. My stress level has dropped, and I am definitely relaxed, and my total outlook has improved. I find that I am better able to focus on my job responsibilities and I am more productive at what I do.

The chair massages have also taken care of a pinched nerve in my neck. I mentioned it to Kathleen, and she worked on that issue. After that session, the problem I had with my neck has not re-occurred.

I am really grateful to my company for scheduling the chair massages with Corporate Oasis Massage.


Top notch care from a truly skilled therapist! Kathleen is professional and thorough, going above and beyond what is expected – she’ll teach you techniques to further accentuate your comfort and healing at home.


Kathleen’s professionalism and massage expertise go without saying. It’s the next step she takes to give informative information for self-help at home or stress relief techniques.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks, Kathleen.

Lynn Kilpatrick

Middleburg Heights, Ohio

I just wanted to share what a great experience we all had with Corporate Oasis Massage when the Massage Therapists came to my house to give chair massages to all the ladies in my daughter’s bridal party. It was one of the most relaxing and fun experiences ever. After my massage was over, my aching shoulders and sore wrists felt great, and my skin felt amazingly soft from the special lotion used. I would definitely invite them back anytime as well as recommend this for anyone looking to hire a chair massage company.

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