Staying home from work during the COVID-19 outbreak can lead to a lot of binge-eating junk food and lounging around. It’s easy to get out of the habit of a healthy lifestyle when we have nowhere to go. 

But believe it or not, staying healthy can help you financially as well. Follow these five tips to keep your body and wallet healthy during these trying times.


Steps to Staying Healthy and Saving Money


1. Cut out cigarettes.

We all know the health risks of smoking, but we often forget about the financial cost. If you are a pack-a-day smoker, that can run you upwards of $200/month on average nationally

If you’re on a tight budget like most families right now, that’s another 1-2 weeks worth of groceries back in your pocket. And if you continue to not smoke after we all return to work, you slowly reduce your risk of cancer – and health care costs look better after 2 years.


2. Cut out the fast food and make meals at home.

Many restaurants right now are still offering takeaway as a means of incurring revenue while everyone is social distancing. It may be tempting, but limiting takeaway meals will help you in both a health and financial way.

Prepared food is more expensive than making a meal at home, and it also comes with more negative side effects on your physical health. For the cost of two bowls of soup from your favorite fast food place, you can make your own that will last for five days and for far fewer calories per serving.


3. Swap snacks for fruits and vegetables.

Produce may sound more expensive than bagged snacks, but they’re actually quite comparable. And a healthy diet will also save you in the long run. Staying in good health now means fewer visits to the doctor in the future.

(Since we’re not getting a healthy dose of sunlight right now either, it’s easy to sink back into seasonal affective disorder. Try these fruits and vegetables high in vitamin D to keep you going while you’re stuck inside.)


4. Keep active.

It may seem difficult to stay physically active when the gyms are closed, but there’s plenty you can do without a gym membership. YouTube offers plenty of at-home workouts for free, no matter the form of exercise you prefer. There are even workouts for the whole family!


5. Focus on your mental health.

There’s no doubt that our mental health affects physical health, so it’s important that we not forget about it during our time indoors. 

Keep a routine as much as possible. Use the time to declutter your home. Spend some time meditating or swap massages with your significant other. Sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and read a book. 

All of these activities give you a chance to focus on yourself without spending any money.


Continue to Stay Healthy After Quarantine with Massage

Once we can all get back in the world and back to our normal routine, it’s easy to forget about focusing on our wellbeing. Continue to improve your health by bringing massage into your schedule. 

Massage offers many health benefits in your personal and professional life. And Corporate Oasis Massage is here to help you on your journey to improved health by offering onsite massage and workshops.

Check our services and start booking today!

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