There’s no arguing that your employees get stressed. It happens to all of us on a regular basis. There are deadlines, miscommunication, and problems outside of work that tread on their morale just to point out a few examples. All of this stress and low morale can dampen the workplace mood and encourage a lack of desire to want to come into work at all. One way to help your team get back into the swing of things and encourage growth in workplace culture is to offer on-site chair massage.


The Struggle with Stress

It can be a struggle to balance work and home life. (Just because you come into work at 8:00 in the morning doesn’t mean your ailing mother or kids’ grades stop existing.) And when that struggle happens, it can be difficult to leave the stresses of one where they belong, and they are often pulled into the other. If the stress and negativity are left untreated, it can negatively impact the workplace culture. That often leads to absenteeism, low productivity, and even quitting a job.

Most of your employees spend 40+ hours out of 168 hours each week working for you. That’s about ¼ of their week — sometimes more. And that’s a lot of time to try to mentally block stresses from outside of work. If your workplace is one of the many with a high stress-rate, it’s probably difficult to focus at work, and the work stress will probably follow them home.

Of course, the stress isn’t always from just pressure. Sitting hunched over, staring at your computer screen for hours on end can lead to migraines, back problems, and neck problems. All of those are other causes of absenteeism. And all of the PTO or sick days ends up costing you, as the employer, more than offering a few incentives like on-site chair massage.

Because the negativity can so often lead to leaving a company, employers are often left scrambling to fill in roles. Unfortunately, that often means other employees are given more tasks until someone can fill in the gap. And that, in turn, means even more stress for those picking up the slack.

So when do your team members really get a chance to take a break and clear their minds?


Happier and Healthier Employees

Studies show that employees who are happy in their jobs and healthy perform better. And that’s a win for you as well. Offering incentives such as chair-massage is an easy and fast way to help boost morale. When they have a little time to fully relax and enjoy a few stress-free moments, it gives them a chance to clear their minds and return to work refreshed.

By building a healthy workplace culture and atmosphere, you also attract the individuals who you want to be on your team.


Benefits of Chair Massage on Workplace Culture

Research suggests regular massage helps to reduce cortisol – the major stress hormone. Cortisol has also been linked to high blood pressure, obesity, and a lowered immune system. And we’re not even talking about 60-minute table massages. A quick 15-minute chair massage just once each week is shown to reduce the symptoms of stress. And just one session can decrease anxiety and depression – which are often linked with high levels of stress.

Even the Mayo Clinic recognizes that massage can be effective in reducing stress and muscle pain and tension.

Just a brief massage increases energy by increasing circulation and allowing your employee to “turn off” for a bit. This relaxation time also gives a boost to problem-solving skills and creativity. And that means more success and focus within your team, which also means they also end up saving time on projects and tasks, which is a win for you.


Are You Giving Your Team What They Need?

If your staff feels like you’re taking care of them and care about them, it’s going to benefit the overall tone of your workplace culture. When people work hard and put forth an effort, they want to be recognized and be rewarded. And when they are rewarded, that effort will continue.

There isn’t much worse than plugging away every day in a workplace where you continually feel as though your only reward is your paycheck. And this is particularly true for the Millenial generation who want to work for companies which can provide a great experience and to feel like they are making a difference. If they aren’t finding that with you, they’ll begin looking for somewhere else that can provide that for them.

So what is it that sets you apart and keeps your team walking into a healthy workplace culture each day? If you’re not sure, chair massage rewards is a great place to start.

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