What Sets Us Apart?

We, at Corporate Oasis Massage, know you are unique and have your own set of challenges and goals for your department, your staff, your company. We work with you to set up the right solutions to help you with these challenges and reach your goals.

We have a process, but we are not a cookie cutter chair massage organization because trying to fit the proverbial square peg into a round hole just doesn’t work for us. We want you to use our company again and again for your future massage needs and we want to grow with you in your health goals and plans. So we strive to be the best and give you our best and we love working within our own communities.

We support our local businesses and we know many companies also seek to do the same. We want to be your go to company for massage. We strive to be a green company and be kind to our environment. We provide the support you need and want, from the first time we communicate through set up, massages and follow up.

With our process, your massage events flow smoothly and effortlessly. Online scheduling is available at no extra charge, so no one has to babysit a schedule or a regular massage day. Scheduling online can be done at work or even in the wee hours in the morning from home or a smartphone on the road. Participants are provided with confirmation emails and reminders.

Need posters to market the event in house or via email? No problem, we have you covered. Having door prizes or raffles at your event? We’ll be happy to donate massages. Our goal is to have happy clients with happier and healthier employees and healthier bottom lines.

Give us a call at Corporate Oasis Massage or fill out the contact form for your Free Customer Consultation.

Ready for a happier, healthier workforce?

We know your company and your needs are diverse and unique, so no cookie cutter solutions for you. We are here to listen to your concerns and goals and to work with you to see if we are the best solution for you. If we are, together we’ll put a massage wellness plan in place for your company. If not, we’ll help steer you toward some possible options.