Through the years, I’ve noticed two prominent issues that need addressing. They concern you, as an employer or wellness advocate and employees.


1) Most businesses do not realize how much money their investment in company massage can actually save them.


2) Most people don’t realize how much massage therapy can benefit their health.
-and- the beauty of this is: BOTH of those challenges can be resolved at the same time, at work.

Over the years as I worked with chair massage clients, I started seeing the difference massage made in their lives, and I was blown away. I already knew table massage changed lives for the better, NOW I was seeing, first hand, how regular chair massage can make a HUGE difference in work and home lives for these folks.

Now again with the uncertainty of what will happen with the Affordable Health Care Act and insurance costs, it is fair to say that we are in for some major changes in our work provided health care. And I’m not sure even the experts really know what’s going to actually transpire.

What we do know is that employers and employees need to get health care expenses down.
I think we can all agree that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?
It is indeed less expensive and less time consuming to PREVENT a health crisis or incident than it is to CURE it (if you EVEN CAN cure it).

It’s time to start looking at prevention and STOP paying the huge price of “cure”. Corporate Oasis Massage can be a big step in the right direction.

Challenges faced by companies –

For 75% of US Employers – Stress is the top risk to productivity and health in the workforce*
More than ¼ of US employees face health and financial difficulties*
In “Massage Goes Mainstream” writes about the increase of use of massage in workplaces and health offices because not only does massage relieve stress, but pain as well. This trend is based on scientific studies showing its efficacy and safety as an alternative to medication.**

“In 2015, there were 1,153,490 days-away-from-work cases in private industry, state government, and local government… The median days away from work to recuperate—a key measure of severity of injuries and illnesses—was 8 days in 2015.”***
“The leading nature (type) of injury or illness in 2015 for all ownerships was sprains, strains, or tears with 421,610 days-away-from-work cases accounting for 37 percent of total cases… Workers who sustained sprains, strains, or tears required a median of 10 days away from work compared to 8 days for all types of injuries or illnesses.” Carpal tunnel syndrome required 28 median days away from work to recuperate in 2015.***


*source: Willis Towers Watson 2015/2016 Staying@Work Survey infographic
Link –

**source: The American Institute of Stress.

Link –


Ready for a happier, healthier workforce?

We know your company and your needs are diverse and unique, so no cookie cutter solutions for you. We are here to listen to your concerns and goals and to work with you to see if we are the best solution for you. If we are, together we’ll put a massage wellness plan in place for your company. If not, we’ll help steer you toward some possible options.